Tuesday, October 12, 2010

False Prophets/Prophetesses

One thing you can say about the Lord.  He is an equal oportunity God.  His wrath knows no gender when it comes to falsely prophesying in His Name. I was reading the book All the women of the bible and came across a passage entitled False Prophetesses. The scripture reference was Ezekiel chapter 13.  In the later part of the chapter it seems the women as well as the men were prophelying in the Name of the Lord.  And they were doing it for profit. People were paying these women and nothing they said was coming to pass. How pathetic. The Lord actually said these false female Prophets had profaned Him for a few hands full of barley.  And He says "Woe to these women."  Fellow Nebhi'ah be careful lest God say woe unto you.  When He gives you a  word for someone, deliver it. And do not Prostitute God's gift in you by setting a fee for your services.  Allow the Lord to choose how and when you receive payment.  Pastors often talk about the widow woman in I Kings chapter 17 who  God used for a season to sustain the Prophet Elijah, but rarely do they mention that a few verses above this story, God sent ravens to feed the Prophet. Don't play with God as His wrath is as real as His grace and mercy. Don't be labeled with the false Prophetesses of Israel. They were speaking life where God said all was dead.  And they spoke death to what God had called to life.  Plus they were making magic charms.  My sisters allow The Lord to mold and make you into the woman He desires you to be. And if He does not give you a word for a situation, don't make one up.  It could cost you your life.

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