Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You go girl!

In Matthew 28:19 Jesus tells His 11 remaining disciples to "go ye". Translation in modern venacular; You go.  Jesus was tellinng his followers to take His gospel into all the world and make new disciples of others. These men were obedient, but what about you Prophetic women of God? All Christians are called to share the good news of Jesus in their corner of the universe.   Unfortunately far too many get  caught up in maintaining the building where they worship.  I mean no disrespect but ponder if you will, those who brag that they have been on Senior choir number 1 or Usher board number 2 for 50 plus years. Consider also those who have been lisenced into gospel ministry, only to spend 15 or 20 years serving the pastor and waiting on their turn to preach in the pulpit. Right now there are fellow Prophetess who are confined to giving a word in a chucrh service on the rare occasion that their pastor allows. Prophetic women if you learn nothing else, please know that those truly called to prophetic office cannot be contained by mere man. The Prophetic is a vertical relationship with God Almighty, by way of the Holy Spirit based on faith in Jesus Christ His Son. While we must obey rules in the land and in the church, you will see God supercede man made rules on yout behalf. We must be sensitive to His voice and know how to work within the system and obey Him completely simultinously. We do not have to usurp authority. God is gonna do what He;s goona do. And sometimes all that is required of us  is to go along for the ride.  And be thankful He gave a heads up on the situation. I recall a well known who was injured in a car accident. People were all over the Internet saying he was going through the trials of Job and he would overcome this attack of the enemy, but I knew something different.  The same way Prophet Brian Carn prophesied in April regarding things to come for a prominent Pastor, God showed me this man was destined for death.  This preacher had been to my town and he threatened anyone in the congregation who did not give in the offering that something  bad would happen to them. I told a friend that God was tired of preachers threatening His sheep and that something bad would happen to this preacher. Not only did he threaten us but he never preached a sermon or had a call to salvation. He used God's house and His time to talk about money, cars and houses. And he did finally die of his injuries.in the midst of people saying God was going to pull him through and he would be a great witness for the kingdom, and get his request to preach once more, he died. Some called me negative, but I was just flowing as a Prophet and knew the truth.  Nebhi'ah there may be times when God shows you a truth that no one else can handle. Prophets must be mature.  Just recenly a fellow Prophetess received the news that her brother's boat capsized. She did not waste time asking God why he did not warn her that her sibling was in trouble.  This mature female Prophet asked the Lord if He would reveal to her where her brother's body was located, and He did. Fellow Nebhi'ah obey the command of Jesus to go ye into the area He has asigned for you. Make Him proud. Lead others to Jesus as you flow in demonstration of the Spirit and power.  Be a sign and wonder for an unbelieving world.  You go girl.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

False Prophets/Prophetesses

One thing you can say about the Lord.  He is an equal oportunity God.  His wrath knows no gender when it comes to falsely prophesying in His Name. I was reading the book All the women of the bible and came across a passage entitled False Prophetesses. The scripture reference was Ezekiel chapter 13.  In the later part of the chapter it seems the women as well as the men were prophelying in the Name of the Lord.  And they were doing it for profit. People were paying these women and nothing they said was coming to pass. How pathetic. The Lord actually said these false female Prophets had profaned Him for a few hands full of barley.  And He says "Woe to these women."  Fellow Nebhi'ah be careful lest God say woe unto you.  When He gives you a  word for someone, deliver it. And do not Prostitute God's gift in you by setting a fee for your services.  Allow the Lord to choose how and when you receive payment.  Pastors often talk about the widow woman in I Kings chapter 17 who  God used for a season to sustain the Prophet Elijah, but rarely do they mention that a few verses above this story, God sent ravens to feed the Prophet. Don't play with God as His wrath is as real as His grace and mercy. Don't be labeled with the false Prophetesses of Israel. They were speaking life where God said all was dead.  And they spoke death to what God had called to life.  Plus they were making magic charms.  My sisters allow The Lord to mold and make you into the woman He desires you to be. And if He does not give you a word for a situation, don't make one up.  It could cost you your life.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Prophetess Hulda

In Second Kings chaper 22 and Second Chronicles 34, the Bible tells us that when the Prophet Jeremiah was not available, the King's messengers sought out Hulda the Prophetess. This shows that women Prophets were just as respected as their male counter parts. In biblical times Prophets were revered because they were God's mouth piece to the people. These men had no problem listening to the counsel they received from Hulda. They did not diuscount her because she was female. Obviously she had shown that she accurately heard the word of the Lord. And had accuracy in her prophesies. We  who ae prophetic women today must maintain our lifeline of communication to the Lord, so that what we will have a reputation of accuracy and credibility. Prophets are not recognized in all Christiany churches today.  Some preachers actually say that there is no need more need for Prophets as believers have the Holy Spirit . When you walk in your calling for a while you will know from experience that this is not true. As the Lord will reveal things to you and have you prepared for situations that stun others. Many wear the label of Prophet, but if we lined everyone up and ask them to share prophesies they gave which came to pass I have no doubt many would have nothing to say. I think of one female Prophet who was very popular for a time.  I tpook notice that she gave a lot of revelations from the Old Tesgtament but for all her noteriety I cannot ever recall her actually prophesying something that came to pass.I Samuel chapter three tells us that the Prophet Sameul was known from one end of Israel to another as a Prophet of God because his words did not fall to the ground. While the word of God does not give many details about Hulda, it is obvious that if she was the king's choice in the absence of the great Prophet Jeremiah, she must have a track record that could be trusted.  Prophesy is one area where we must walk our talk.  We must have a resume where if our name is tied to it, people are confident that it is a word from the Lord. Fellow Nebhi'ah wear your prophetic mantle and wear it well . The title Prophetess before your name does not prove who you are. Flowing in the gift even without the title causes the gift to make room for you. Hulda's gift made room for her to the point of a King seeking her councel. What an honor.