Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Within the body of Christ there has been much abuse regarding finances.  There are minsitries that tell their members to give to make the pastor a millionaire.  There are television preachers who promise that if you give a certain amount God is going to heal you or save your loved ones. We see these preachers living lavish lifestyles while those who gave to them often go without. And many have  been disappointed because they gave the money and did not get the promised miracle.  I personally attended two churches where there was more emphasis on making the pastors rich that on the gospel or  helping the poor.  It put such a distaste in my mouth that I said I would do everything on my own and never ask anyone for a dime.  A fellow minister pointed out to me that ministry does cost time and money and suggested I add a donate button, so that if the Lord led someone  to give, the opportunity would be available.  So if you believe you have been blessed by what you find on this site, and are led by the Lord, you may donate the amount of your choosing, minimun is $1.00, via paypal. I thank you in advance.  Donated money will ensure Internet and radio ministry of the Gosple of Jesus Christ through Household of Faith/Nebhi'ah Ministries will continue.(the radio ministry is in the works) .  As I feel I have been manipulated, I have no desire manipulate anyone else. Therefore the opportunity to donate is here if you so choose.  Be blessed in Jesus Name

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